Saturday, January 10, 2009

My new diet

I'm trying to be a little more healthy this year so I'm trying to follow my new diet more closely. It's actually very simple: if it's homemade, you can eat all you want. I figure that all the weird preservatives and other added chemicals (like the ominous MSG, for example) in packaged foods can't be good for you so even if the homemade food is not that great for you, if you fill up on it you'll hopefully be less likely to eat the pre-packaged stuff. I'm also trying to kick the fake sugar habit by drinking iced tea when I can (with just lemon added). I've been thinking about the diet for a while (probably since back when I was on the South Beach diet) but the momentum really got going when the big boys and I watched a cooking show on PBS that showed how to make homemade macaroni and cheese. The boys actually said it looked good! I jumped all over that and we went to get the ingredients right away. I don't think we made it that night but it was pretty soon afterwards. They did like it, though not as much as they thought, and I pigged out (it's homemade, after all). That night I didn't snack on anything! My goals for dieting are three-fold: 1. fit into my clothes (not that big of a deal since I can always just buy bigger ones); 2. Be able to run up and down the basketball court or play at least 5 games of SocCourt without needed to fall over and hyperventilate; 3. actually I was going to say stay below some embarrassing weight but I find that if (2) is fine, I don't actually care. I'll admit that tonight we had Mickey D's for dinner but I'm still trying my best to eat healthy things when I can.

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