Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flipped classroom evaluations

I just read my student evaluations for the fall 2010 classes.  This semester I taught General Physics II in the "flipped classroom" or "naked teaching" philosophy for the first time.  I felt the class went pretty well and the student ratings and comments mostly bare that out.  I thought I'd make them available (unedited) to anyone who's interested in flipping their classroom.  If you want a pdf copy, email me (, twitter me (@arundquist), or let me know in the comments below.

I made a few changes in the course as the semester went along.  By the end, we'd gotten into our groove pretty good.  We had daily quizzes on the material from the last class (a 4-sided die randomly deciding which problem to choose), 10-15 minutes of me answering questions they'd submitted online about the new material (which included ~20 minutes of screencasts along with reading the book), and then 30 minutes of the students working in small groups with a smartpen recording what we called roadmaps for how to do the problems. Here's a typical daily outline.

There are a lots of comments praising the flipped classroom but there's definitely a few people who strongly favored traditional lectures.  Check out the spread of scores on some of the questions if you get the pdf.

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